Davic Oulat

Duros engineer/slicer


Standing 1.8 meters with a wirey build, Davic’s physique reflects someone who doesn’t focus too much on appearance. His passion is engineering and mechanics and his appearance reflects as much. His fingers seem permanently stained from endlessly tinkering inside any piece of tech he can get his hands on. His eyes hold an interesting mixture of both perpetual weariness and focused curiosity. His light blue skin holds a few scars here and there, most notably his left shoulder where a swoop bike’s maneuvering fin clipped him during a hurried repair job on the track.

The kind of person to find comfort by holding onto the familiar, he seems to always be wearing a well-worn but extremely durable-looking pair of mechanic’s overalls. Unless he’s bunkering down for a serious repair job, he typically wears the top half of the overalls tied around his waist. The other permanent fixture on his person is his tool kit. Long since modified from a factory spec kit, Dav is never without it and seems to tinker with it as much as he does anything else; always on the lookout for upgraded tools to add to his small, efficient collection.


Davic Oulat

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