Fal’not Dolo

First born of the Dolo sons


Born: 54 BBY


The love child of Diet’lam — then an 18 year old officer cadet — and an older major. The relationship was not legal, since his mother was Diet’lam’s commanding officer in a combat role. His mother died when he was young, age 7. His father raised him with the help of CorSec’s many youth programs. He rose through cadets quickly and was taken into CorSec Intelligence through an internship program. Now aged 54 he has a soft smile and a quick mind. Growing up in Cornet he — and his children — lack much of the Dolo family twang. His true rank has a security clearance, but agent Dolo is a common sight at the family ranch, often having long conversations with his father late into the night. His demeanor is calm, but distant. It is impossible to say whether these are the mannerisms of a tired old rancher, or a spy that has seen too much.

Fal’not Dolo

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