Rhen’atte "Rhen" Dolo

A fiery daughter of the Dolo Family and a Rebel at heart.


Born: 18 BBY
Height: 5’6
Weight: 132 lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: ???

Her complexion is not so dark that she stands out in Coronet, but her dark skin becomes very obvious while standing next to her family on the ranch. Adorned with tasteful — but comprehensive — back, sleeve, and shoulder tattoos her very presence challenges traditional mores. Her posture, gait, and stance all become more fluid the further away from the Dolo Family Compound she moves.


The eldest daughter of Elias Dolo and Ker’sten Dolo (originally Stora), she has felt the pressures of the Dolo family. Her father married her mother for love, and not to advance the interests of House Dolo; her darker complexion a constant reminder of her father’s defiance of the Patriarch. She remembers her childhood fondly but, now becoming an adult, those memories are juxtaposed against her observing the cool relationship between her mother and grandfather. Moreover, seeing that her mother still acts as though she has something to prove to the Dolo sons infuriates her. A contradiction in everything, she pushed to be sent to a private boarding school in Coronet, so that she could slip into the city night-life more easily. Not even a year out of high school, she finds herself driven to both live up to the name Dolo, while not being defined by it.

Rhen’atte "Rhen" Dolo

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