Vek Tilma

Downtrodden Corellian Demoman


Height: 5’4
Weight: 140
Age: 22
Skin Tone: Dark

Vek’s demeanor of both wanting to please and hide under a rock simultaneously permeate everything about his appearance. Depending on if he’s currently helping out and feeling useful or whether he’s ashamed of himself he goes back and forth between bolt straight posture with his face up showing a smile or hunched over constantly counting the number of clasps on his boots forlornly.

He has a large diagonal scar above his right eye, a reminder that if he’s going to be planning to blow something up, make sure he knows what materials are going to be used. He also has a soul patch on his chin which is the only hair on his head.

He wears a burnt orange utility jumpsuit with a brown belted vest which has pockets for his grenades and his trusty pocket knife. He’s also got a blaster holster on each hip, one with a light blaster pistol and one with an ornate, heavily modified heavy blaster pistol.


Vek Tilma grew up on Corellia, part of a poor family running a scrapyard. He was always getting in trouble due to his unfortunate pyromania affliction and the fact that his “friends” would always egg him on to keep doing it.

After being tricked into blowing something up by Juur’gaan Dolo and being arrested for it, he was given a job by Oskaar Dolo, who felt bad that Vek had been fallen victim to one of Juur’gen’s pranks.

Vek worked on the Dolo ranch under Gar Dolo for the next few years doing demolitions work on the ground and some work on the orbital Dolo Industries dolomite gun until they joined the Rebel Alliance together.

Vek Tilma

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