Cassia "Cass" Waycoit

Human. Ace Gunner. Squadron Leader.


Standing 5’1" with blonde hair and blue eyes, Cass looks mostly harmless. However, looks are deceiving. Cass is not only a skilled gunner and markswoman, but she is also a decent pilot and the leader of her team. She is fiercely loyal and will never back down from a fight.


Cassia Waycoit was born on Chandrila in BBY19 to farmers Lexx and Hestir Waycoit. Cass was mostly raised by her brother Kierson “Kier” Waycoit as her parents were too busy farming to pay much attention to their rough and tumble daughter. Through their adventures together, Kier taught Cass how to fly and how to shoot.

The siblings were often shadowed by Toby Cetus, a soft-spoken older boy from the farm next door. Toby proved to be skilled with the art of medicine, which proved to be useful as Cass was often reckless and frequently ended up requiring medical aid. At the age of 12, Cass had been in a particularly nasty accident when the speeder bike she was riding flipped and crashed into an old barn. Cass was knocked unconscious and severely burned the left side of her body. Kier had carried her two miles to Toby’s house in a panic, terrified that his father would find out. Toby had bandaged her up as best as he could, but her left side remained badly scarred.

When she was 15, Toby declared his intent to court Cass, and the two announced their engagement on Cass’s 16th birthday. Together with Kier, they secretly made plans to leave home together when Cass turned 18 so that the three friends could join the Rebellion together as pilot, gunner, and medic.

However, the plan was upset when Kier unexpectedly left home ahead of schedule, and over the next few months things changed for the worse. Toby, boldened by Lexx Waycoit’s promise of his farm as a dowry, informed Cass that their Rebellion plans were nothing more but childish fantasies, and that upon their marriage she was expected to behave as was appropriate for a farmer’s wife. Heartbroken and humiliated, Cass fled her home in the middle of the night the day before her 17th birthday, the day that was also intended to be her wedding day.

As soon as she was off planet, Cass began searching for her brother. Before long she fell in with a group of Rebels, and began rising through the ranks as she battled against the Empire. She was eventually paired up with Y-Wing Commander Mira Dajus and the two fought together for several years.

When Mira was injured during a mission, Cass and Mira were transferred to Horizon Base. With her pilot out of commission, Flight Officer Cass was re-assigned to lead a newly formed group of Rebels on a mission to Onderon.

After the Onderon raid, Cass and her team took Prince Valin to the Dolo family ranch on Corellia. During their brief stay on Corellia, Cass began a romantic relationship with Valin, but this was cut short when Diet’lam Dolo betrayed the prince by turning him over to the Empire. Struggling with feelings of guilt and of failure, Cass and her team fled to Mon Cala seeking the refuge of the Rebellion. It was on Mon Cala that Cass finally learned the awful truth: her brother Kier is an Imperial soldier, and one of the ISB Agents hunting her and her crew.

Cass lead the mission to Mustafar which resulted in the rescue of Valin as well as many other Rebel prisoners. Since Mustafar, Cass and Valin rekindled their relationship and Cass was appointed leader of the newly formed Havoc Squad. For the first time in a long time Cass is at peace with her life, although she suspects it is only a temporary thing.

Cassia "Cass" Waycoit

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