Havoc Squad


Havoc Squad is an Alliance Special Forces Team created by Captain Niathal and named in honour of a once legendary squad of The Old Republic, and in reference to the chaotic results often made by the Squad’s Core Group.

*Core Group: *

Cmdr. Cassia Waycoit – (Starfighter Command)
Captain Gar Dolo – (SpecForce)
Lt. Davic Oulat – (Alliance Navy)
Sen. Lt. Vek Tilma – (SpecForce)
Lt. Jad Lakbret – (Starfighter Command)

Support Staff and Personnel:

Lt. Katari Danin – C.O of The Specter
M. Sgt. Zombu
Sen Trpr. Rombu

Ships and Assets

  • The Retribution – A modified CR90 Corellian Corvette. Originally named The Specter while in Imperial service.
  • The Platinum Mynock – A Corellian YT-2400 freighter.
  • A modified TIE Interceptor, equipped with shields and a hyperdrive.
  • An LAF-250 Starfighter (Stats found in Suns of Fortune)

Havoc Squad

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