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Hello, and welcome to the Obsidian Portal for the Rogues Alliance Actual Play Podcast’s campaign of Star Wars: Age of Rebellion.

This wiki is set up as a resource for our players and our fans to help keep track of all the people, places, events and things that are involved in our current campaign. The Rogues Alliance is made up of Jamie – who typically fills the roll of GM, Jason – who’s currently playing Vek Tilma, James – currently playing the droid 0B.1-Kn0.B, Aland – who plays Gar Dolo, Britany – in the roll of Cassia “Cass” Waycoit, Andrew – who plays Davic Oulat, and Ryan – who’s playing as Davic’s brother Jad Lakbret.

Feel free to take a look around! Not sure where to start? Well if you’d like to catch up on the story so far, head over to the Adventure Log. If you would like to get to know our cast of characters a bit better, then you want The Character Section. And if you’re looking for more information on the world of the game itself, please feel free to start at The Main Page of our wiki.

We would like to caution that this site and podcast are a work in progress, and not all content may be live. But we’re trying our best!

Thanks for stopping by, May the Force be with you and we hope you enjoy the show!

Home Page

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