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A Team of Rebel Operatives are swept up into the grande events of the War against The Empire. Is it chance or destiny that leads them? and will it be victory or ruin for The Rebel Alliance?


Meet the Team

Havoc Squad, An Alliance SpecForce Team constructed around the group of Rebel Agents that made up the crew of The Platinum Mynock – Calling this group “motley” and “ragtag” could be considered an insult to “motley” and “ragtag”, except no one – either Officer in the Clouds or Grunt on the ground – can deny that they get results.

Cass Waycoit

Gar Dolo


Jad Lakbret

Davic Oulat

Vek Tilma


Their friends and Their Allies.

Valin Dendup – The exiled Prince of Onderon, and Imperial Prisoner of War.


Their Enemies and Their Rivals

Task Force Spectre – A Special Task Group of the Imperial Security bureau. Led by:

  • Agent Vakaren – The Imperial Security Bureau Agent that’s hot on their trail!


The Places they’ve Been.



Mon Cala (Dac)

Organizations, Items and Equipment of Note.

Havoc Squad

The Defiance

The Platinum Mynock

The Spectre The Retribution

Takeover Station

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